Since 1996 martial arts montreal has been invested in safety & fitness

martial arts montreal

Finding martial arts montreal is as simple as getting on the metro and getting off at the Jean Talon Exit.

Walking one block south on St-Denis Street to Bélanger.

There you’ll see the entrance to the second floor.

Since opening their doors in 1996, thousands of students have stepped on the mats.

You too can gain a better understanding behind the Patenaude philosophy.


When you start martial arts practice you quickly realize your worst enemy is yourself

Getting a clearer understanding

Watch this video to get a clearer understanding of what you’ll learn in our Kung-fu – Self-defense program at martial arts montreal.

Everything you learn at Patenaude’s is Functional, Simple and Direct.

With over 40 years experience in the martial arts with 20 of those years dedicated in the Montreal area, you’ll quickly realize how this martial art system is easy to learn.

And why so many people choose to train in the Patenaude system.

The founders

Since the founders, Sijo J. Patenaude and his wife,  Linda, recently passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident.

The family is more motivated than ever to continue the family legacy.

Since the founders started teaching martial arts in a church basement in 1975, much has changed

Not only from being the largest chain of martial arts schools in Canada

To the thousands of students training every week

To the expansive list of DVDs and books being offered

But although different than in the beginning, much has not changed.

Techniques change all the time but principles stand the test of time.

The Patenaude System is based on core principles.

Core Principles

Principles of speed, power, reflexes, coordination, flexibility, focus, intensity, and confidence.

Each principle is developed “side by side” with the student learning the various physical techniques of the martial arts.

If you’re curious about classes and need more information, send in your questions here.

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