Why choose montreal martial arts for all your fitness and self defense needs?

montreal martial arts has been serving the community for nearly 20 years

montreal martial arts first opened its doors on August 10th 1996.

What seems to be a long time feels like just yesterday for montreal martial arts owner Sibok Martin Patenaude

“The school was an instant success” says Patenaude.

“All we did was pass out a couple hundred flyers in the neighborhood and Bam! We had 30 people come in to watch our demo, open to the public, it was awesome”

Now, almost 20 years later, the school is thriving with a solid base of students in all programs.

People’s goals are as diverse as the people who live in this multi-cultural sector of town which encompasses La Petite-Patrie, Parc Extension, Rosemont, Outremont and Ahuntsic.

After teaching several thousand students over the course of the school’s life, 3 things stand out as the main goal or purpose to start martial arts classes in montreal, qc.

Every person that walks through montreal martial arts’ doors is surveyed with a simple questionnaire.

One important question that is regularly asked is:

“What do you wish to accomplish and what areas do you need help with?”

The 3 things that stand out the most are:montreal-martial-arts-kickboxing-mma-schools

1) Believe it or not, Confidence!

2) Bored with the gym, they’re looking for a more fun way to maintain their Fitness!

3) And last, Self-Defense!

You would think that Self-Defense would be at the top of the list but No!

It comes third.

Students want an activity that strengthens them from the inside out. Not the opposite.

Maybe this is why so many people are moving away from the big box gym’s weird environment, shady people, douche-bags, and lack of personal attention.

Personal Confidence has to be the number #1 quality you can ever possess or nurture.

In all areas of life, if you want to get ahead personally or professionally, you need to get noticed.

How you speak.

How you hold yourself.

Your body language.

Your presence and aura.

Your go-getter attitude.

The belief you have in yourself and your capabilities will take you far in life.

Martial Arts training amplifies this quality in a big way.

This is something you have to experience so you can understand why you need to get involved in montreal martial arts.

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Here’s a quick video highlighting some of the programs we offer. Enjoy!


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