Looking for Kickboxing classes in Montreal QC?

Look no further.

Our Kickboxing classes in Montreal QC are fun and dynamic with a strong emphasis on efficient technique.

Helping you develop your strength and cardio without sacrificing technique is very important to us.

There are many cardio boxing and cardio kickboxing classes available out there which are designed to get you sweating and moving but lack the essential skills you might need if ever you were to defend yourself.

Rest assured, when you walk out of our classes you’ll feel confident you can protect yourself and have a great feeling of accomplishment knowing you’re getting one step closer to your fitness goals.

Why Kickboxing in Montreal, Qc?

Workouts are fun and always challenging

kickboxing classes in montreal qc

There are many health benefits to learning kickboxing like burning 800+ calories in an hour. Wow!

Your whole body is involved which means faster results.

Your core gets torched because of the constant rotational force required to generate power in your punches and kicks which leads to a flatter,  more sculpted mid-section

Kicking requires strong calves and thigh muscles for a more toned look

When learning good form, balance is key. The body awareness you develop is immediately transferred to any other sport

Getting quick results is on everyone’s mind but how do we accomplish that in a 1 hr class? Intensity

It’s easy to “plateau” or “coast through” a workout when you’re on your own or at the gym with too many distractions.

Kickboxing is different. Your partner or coach controls the pace. This guarantees you get a great workout with no wasted or idle time. We all have busy schedules and there’s no reason to stay in the gym any longer than you need to.

Let’s not forget stress release 🙂

Who doesn’t like to hit stuff and release any pent up anger or frustration?

Why keep any of that negative energy bottled up inside when you can let it all out on the mitts or the heavy bag?

After a workout you’ll feel so much better, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Trust me on this.

Not convinced?

Come try it out for yourself. Simply fill out the form in the top right corner of this page to get started and I’ll call you right away to schedule your first class. It’s Free.